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Scale Models > Automobiles > CMC Exclusive Modelle Cars in 1:18 scale

Since 1995, when CMC brought out their very first model car, Count Carlo Trossi’s “Black Prince,” we have been championing the company for producing absolutely the finest small-scale model cars in the world. Period! Winners of more than 30 international First Prizes for the best model cars made, seems to justify what we’ve said from day one. Drawn in Germany by Herbert Nickerl, and made by hand in China under the direction of the company’s chief, Shuxiao Jia, quality isn’t a question. In fact, every xenophobe should be ashamed for bashing “Made in China,” as if making stuff in a country other than ours is a bad thing! Just imagine, if you are able, an aluminum wheel rim, .875” Ø, with cross-laced stainless spokes, where each spoke has a spoke nipple where it attaches to the rim. That defines not only quality, but also a great deal of pride. Just imagine a model 9 ½” long made of zinc, stainless steel, leather, wood, rubber, chrome, nickel, and brass, consisting of well over 1100 individual pieces, and that’s what you get in every one of these exquisite models. (Try making them in the USA, and go broke). Worth twice the price, for sure.

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