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Watch Return Policy

Unfortunately, due to some pretty flagrant abuse of our normal, liberal, 30-Day Return Policy, we had to institute some changes. As of 1 November 2013, we will not accept any returns of any Timepieces after a customer’s inspection period of five (5) days from the ship date. Hence, a 5 Day Return Policy. Here’s why… We ship all new Timepieces, fully inspected and running properly by our knowledgeable staff. The Timepieces are fully wound-up, and set for the customer’s local time, and sent per 2-Day express/insured service, so you should have plenty of time to either Love or Hate it… So please don’t wear/carry the timepiece for a week, or more, risk banging it against doorframes, or whatever, and then expect us to take it back! If you Hate it, simply return it, unused and unworn, at your cost. (We suggest insuring it for its full value).

All new Timepieces sold by us are guaranteed by their makers for 24 months, and therefore all warranty claims are handled by the Makers, or their authorized repair facilities, not us. Each Timepiece has its respective certificate instruction warranty card or booklet with it. There you will find the addresses and telephone numbers of the makers. Remember: taking the Timepiece to an unauthorized repair facility voids all warranties!

All Timepieces we sell are mechanical, unless otherwise noted. Mechanical means either manual-wind or automatic (self-winding). Being mechanical devices, they’ll never have the dead-on accuracy of quartz or atomic clocks/watches. That simply isn’t possible… How active you are, how you place your watch on the nightstand, temperature, and magnetic fields, all argue against perfection! If your Timepiece gains a few seconds/minutes over a noticeable period, try laying it out differently at night when you take it off. Face down; face up; on left edge; on right edge. If you use a watch winder, all bets are off, and you’ll just have to re-set the time manually.

In order to get the proper power reserve out of a mechanical watch, (typically 38-42 hrs), you must first fully wind the mainspring, gently! You’ll feel it tighten up before it’s fully wound. This is especially true of automatic (self-winding) watches. You must fully wind it before wearing.

No matter what, always handle a Timepiece, it’s crown and pushers and stoppers gently. There’s no need to force anything, on so small a machine!